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60 Second Headache Detective

Headaches come in numerous shapes and sizes. There are migraines, tension headaches, toxic headaches, blood sugar headaches, headaches related to the jaw, adrenal fatigue headaches, and more.

Want to be a headache detective? The next time you get slammed with a nasty headache, look back over the past 24 hours see if any items on this checklist could be the culprit:

• Weekend headaches. These can be caused by the disruption of your regular sleep cycle by staying up late or sleeping in. Try maintaining a regular sleep schedule.
• Paint and other household fume headaches. Try using the low VOC paint (no volatile organic chemicals) and air out the room after painting.
• Dehydration headaches. Drink plenty of clean, freshwater.
• Hunger headaches. Always keep a small snack in your pocket or purse. Never get too hungry.
• Too much caffeine or eliminating caffeine too quickly headaches. Stop stimulants like coffee or tea on a gradual basis.
• Inactivity headaches. Exercise produces endorphins, which make you feel great! Add movement to your life.
• Sleep deprivation headaches. Chronic lack of good sleep can lead to adrenal fatigue, which causes headaches. Get plenty of rest!
• Food triggers headaches. Potential trigger foods include red wine, beer, chocolate, aged cheese, processed meats, nuts, bananas, artificial sweeteners, and sauerkraut. Try eliminating these foods from your diet and see if your headaches diminish.
• Misalignment headaches. The bones of the neck, jaw, and upper back may be out of alignment. This can be corrected by chiropractic care.

We believe in finding the source of the health problem rather than covering up the issue with medication. Need help eliminating your headaches? Call our office and make an appointment. You will be glad you did.

Dr. Thorburn is a Registered Nurse and a Doctor of Chiropractic. She also has advanced training in nutrition. Take advantage of her 46 years of experience!


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