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60 Second Tip - Get Ready for Some ZZZ’s

Greetings from Dr. T:

Sleep charges your battery and rejuvenates you so that you can enjoy the next day’s activities with enthusiasm and positive expectations.  The most important metabolic processes your body needs to stay healthy occur while you are asleep. And when you awaken rested and refreshed, it’s much easier to get going and move into your day.

Just like everything else, your sleep can be greatly affected by your diet.  If you favor caffeinated beverages, be sure to avoid them after 3:00 p.m. This includes colas, chocolate, over-the-counter pain relievers, and more.  Caffeine is everywhere.  Alcohol, a depressant, can also affect the quality of your sleep.  Though a ‘night cap’ might make you feel drowsy, it can also keep you from achieving deep sleep and cause you to awaken during the night.  The best thing before sleep?  Try a Calcium Magnesium beverage or Min-Tran just before bed to create relaxation and deeper sleep.

Why is Dr. Charlene Thorburn so different from other Chiropractors?  In addition to her Chiropractic degree, she is also a Registered Nurse (RN).  Dr. Thorburn is also a nutritional professional with over 30 years of research and knowledge in the areas of nutrition and the healing quality of natural supplements. This gives her a well-rounded medical perspective and a unique ability to diagnose, treat, and get great results for her patients.


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