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60 Second Medicare and Chiropractic

Medicare has  very specific regulations which must be followed. There is a deductible each year and then they pay 80% of “ALLOWED EXPENSES”.

What’s an “Allowed Expense”? For Chiropractic it’s manipulation of the spine to treat subluxations (spina misalignments). It does not cover examinations, therapy, massage, vitamins or anything other than manipulation of the spine. If you come in for wellness or preventative care, Medicare will not pay for that.

If you have a supplement plan it will cover the 20% of “Allowed Expenses” when Medicare approves the service. Supplement plan F is the only plan that will pay the annual deductible. 

Medicare Advantage plans may or may not cover Chiropractic Care, but if they do it is likely to be “managed”. Advantage plans have more restrictions and you will probably need authorization to receive treatment. Some Medicare Advantage plans do not allow any Chiropractic care.

Next year Medicare will allow 12-20 acupuncture treatments for chronic low back pain.

We will check out your benefits for care. We can help you feel more limber, have less pain and have more energy through our services.


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