What is Chiropractic?

Our goal is to help you find your best health by having a healthier brain and nervous system.

We provide traditional chiropractic care-spinal adjustments that improve your spine and get rid of the pain. Did you know that for 20 minutes after the adjustment your nervous system sort of "reboots" and during that time one can improve your brain and nervous system with the right care?

In addition to traditional care, we also deliver care to improve your brain and nervous system. Your brain controls every single aspect of your health so it is vital that it be healthy. Your nerves connect your brain to your body and they need to be healthy as well so all parts of your body can communicate with the brain.

We are able to assess how your brain and nervous system work on a day-to-day basis. Why should we check that?

We need to know how your nervous system responds to, and recovers from stress. Does it respond correctly? If it does not, you will develop illness, brain dysfunction, and early aging.

Through testing with our Neuroinfiniti testing unit, we can determine if your brain and nervous system have unhealthy stress patterns. If you have unhealthy patterns, we will create a program to get improve them resulting in a healthier life!

3 Phases of Care

Relief care is designed to get you out of pain quickly. We work as a team to make your symptoms go away. You will be seen frequently, and all necessary treatments will be done to get you feeling great fast. This could include adjustments, physiotherapy, deep muscle work, and supplements to reduce inflammation and speed up healing. Once you are out of pain it is vital to move to the next phase of care.

Repair care is where real healing occurs. Through a personalized schedule, you will receive all necessary care to help you repair the damage and truly fix the underlying problem, not just fix the symptoms. As your body heals, the frequency of care is reduced until you are stable and strong. Once your body has recovered most people find that wellness care is the next logical step to prevent a return of the problem.

Proactive or wellness care consists of periodic “tune-ups” that keep your spine and nervous system working properly for the rest of your life. If you stop care completely you will regress so coming in intermittently will maintain your gains and enhance your future.


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