We are now a Brain-Based Certified Office!


How does that benefit you?

We are now able to measure how stress is affecting your brain and nervous system. Is your brain and nervous system “over-reactive”, “exhausted”, “chaotic” or “under-reactive”? Through our state-of-the-art Neuroinfiniti ™unit, we can measure your vital brain waves under stress, and as you recover from stress, and determine what brain type you are. Once we know that a program of care can be tailor-made for your brain.

Why do we measure the nervous system?

It is proven that stress causes 90% of illnesses. Under stress, the brain changes and can reach a point where it no longer recovers from stress. The front part of the brain can actually shrink which affects your ability to think and reason. The back part of the brain is also affected and it controls balance, vision, and activity.

When the brain loses its ability to properly interpret and recover from stress, ill health follows. Very commonly we see anxiety, sleep problems, digestive issues, memory problems, and brain fog but ANY health problem can come from a brain that isn’t healthy. Things like bladder incontinence, Crohn’s symptoms, memory loss, ADD and more have responded to brain-based chiropractic care.

If the brain is healthy it will interpret what the body needs at any moment and will protect the body so it survives well. Anything that interferes with that will cause illness.

How do you know if you have a properly functioning brain and nervous system?

You get tested.

We have a simple non-invasive screening tool that helps indicate that a problem exists. Right now there is no charge for this assessment so you can find out if there is a potential problem. If there is an indication that your brain and nervous system are not functioning normally, the advanced Neuroinfiniti™ test can be done at a reduced rate for our patients.

CALL TODAY and let’s find out if you are at risk for illness, memory problems, or other things you really don’t want. (818) 841-1313.

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