The Fire Alarm

Let’s look at what happens to your body/brain when a fire alarm goes off.

So, you hear the fire alarm and maybe even smell smoke. The brain registers that and goes into survival mode.

What happens to your heart rate?

Yes, it goes up.

What happens to your breathing?

Yes, it gets faster.

Your hand's sweat. Your muscles tighten. Your digestion slows down. Your blood leaves your hands and feet and goes to your muscles so you can fight or flee the danger. This is called “fight or flight” and if there is a danger your body reacts this way.

The brain perceived danger and sent messages to the body to increase your chances of survival.

Now, the fire alarm stops, and you find out it was a false alarm. What does the body do now?


Your heart rate and breathing slow down, you sweat less, blood returns to your hands and feet, digestion returns to normal, and your muscles relax. Your body enters “recovery mode”.

The brain perceives that the stress is gone and sends messages to the body that increase its ability to rest, relax and heal.

But what happens if your brain and nervous system do not respond this way? Poor stress patterns can cause your body to under-react, over-react, not return to healing mode or even fail.

Stress is stress. The brain cannot tell the difference between the stress of a fire alarm, a fight with your spouse, financial worries, running late, a child screaming, a car cutting you off on the freeway, and a host of other stressors. As this goes on and on the brain re-patterns itself and unconsciously you go into an unhealthy brain wave pattern leading to illness and debility.

Here’s a list of some of the common things we see when the brain has the wrong pattern: high blood pressure, inflammation, Add/ADHD, digestive issues, hormone problems, Fibromyalgia, sleep problems, fatigue, anxiety, diabetes, and chronic pain.

How do you know if you have bad stress patterns?

 If you have symptoms, you have a brain issue. If you do not have symptoms, you can be tested. Find out before you develop health problems.

Our screening will provide a window into your nervous system. Right now there is no charge for this assessment. Call today for your assessment! (818) 841-1313

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