The Link Between Anxiety and Chronic Pain

Anxiety and chronic pain are two of the most common health issues millions of people face daily. These conditions can be managed with medications and therapy. But they often go hand in hand, making it difficult to treat both at once. Are you wondering what the link is between anxiety and chronic pain and how they interact? Read on to find out how anxiety can lead to physical pain and the cognitive effects of chronic pain.


The Cyclical Connection

Chronic pain can increase feelings of anxiousness, while anxiousness can lead to an increase in chronic pain. The correlation between chronic pain and anxiety is often like a cycle. The more intense one gets, the higher the probability of experiencing severe symptoms of the other.

  • Impact of Chronic Pain on Anxiety. Chronic pain can be quite wearisome. In many cases, persistent discomfort can lead to stress. This can stem from worries about the source of the pain. Thinking of how long it will last and how it will affect your life now and later can also be troublesome. Eventually, this strain can turn into anxiety.

  • Furthermore, chronic pain can cause changes in neural pathways, affecting how you perceive and respond to emotions. This makes it more difficult for those suffering from chronic pain to manage their anxiety levels.

  • Impact of Anxiety on Chronic Pain. Anxiety can profoundly impact chronic pain. Stress can trigger neuronal changes in the brain that lower your body’s tolerance for pain. As a result, the pain sensation may become more pronounced when you’re anxious. Moreover, when you become overly anxious about the amount of pain you experience, it can lead to you moving and doing less. This, in turn, results in muscle weakening and physical deconditioning, both of which can make your pain worse. Finally, anxiousness can result in your body’s nervous system becoming tense. As a consequence, this triggers alterations, such as arteries getting constricted. Prolonged pressure like this can cause your muscles to become rigid and spasmodic. This makes your pain even worse.


How a Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractic is an effective form of treatment for pain. Brin-based Chiropractic also treats the nervous system stress patterns that perpetuate pain and anxiety.

Nevertheless, people often think chiropractic care is all about spinal adjustments and traction tables. But it’s so much more than that.

Brain-based Chiropractic is a modern, effective therapy not only for pain but for ailments caused by a nervous system stuck in a stress pattern. Ultimately, it assists in providing a balance between your mind and body.

Do you have pain that doesn’t go away? Does the discomfort cause you to worry? Maybe it’s the other way around—you are stressed, and now you’re experiencing all sorts of pain. No matter which came first, our team at Thorburn Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Burbank, California, can help you. Call us now at (818) 600-9020 to schedule your appointment.

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