Welcome to the New World of Neurologically Based Chiropractic!

The brain and nervous system control all other systems in the body. What does that really mean?

Yes-every little thing that happens, food digestion, hormone release, immune function, breathing, heartbeat-everything is controlled by the brain and nervous system, period!

Because of this, it is vital that the brain and nervous system work perfectly. If the brain and nervous system work at 75%, how will every other part of the body work?

Right. At 75%.

Not ideal!

By measuring how your brain and body respond to and recover from stress, we can see if there are unhealthy neurological patterns in the brain and nervous system that cause unhealthy physiologic stress.

Imagine being able to see inside your nervous system to see if you are at risk for ill health!

Ninety percent of illnesses are due to stress. Stress can come from many sources. It can be acute or long-term. Injuries, divorce, job changes, your child’s illness, loss of a loved one, money issues, and so on. The nervous system responds only one way to stress-the fight or flight mechanism. Get enough stress and the brain creates unhealthy stress patterns.

If the brain has unhealthy patterns regarding stress it will eventually develop health problems. If you already have health issues, even if minor, we may be able to get your nervous system back into a better stress reaction and prevent serious problems. Some common symptoms of abnormal stress patterns are sleep changes, anxiety, brain fog, memory issues, fatigue, high blood pressure, irritability, frequent colds/flu, balance problems, hormone problems, ADD, and more.

We now have a way to measure if you have unhealthy stress patterns!

The assessment takes about one hour and is comfortable and easy to do. Just call us and we will set up a time for your assessment. Dr. Thorburn (818) 841-1313.

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