Headache & Migraine Relief

5 Useful Tips for Headache/Migraine Relief

You or a loved one suffers who from headaches or migraines needs help. Our chiropractor from Thorburn Chiropractic Center in Burbank, CA can help you or someone you know. These useful tips may help reduce your headaches. 


How a Migraine or Headache Can Affect You

If you suffer from migraines, they may create problems with relationships or work. You may lose income, fail to meet deadlines, not show up for appointments.  People in one’s life can grow tired of your unreliability when a headache hits. 


When your head is aching, relaxing can ease your pain. You can relax by focusing on what you are grateful for. You can do gentle stretches and muscle relaxation. By reducing muscle tension and improving blood flow to the neck and shoulders you can decrease your headache. When you do not have a headache, you can also do strength training, biking, or swimming to improve muscle tone. As a chiropractor in Burbank, CA we can give you professional advice on how to deal with symptoms. 

Stay Hydrated

Since even minor dehydration can trigger a headache or migraine, it can be important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Eating a healthy diet can make it easier to stay hydrated. Further, be sure to drink enough water or take a rehydration solution each day. 

Try Ginger

Research suggests ginger powder works almost as effectively as a common migraine drug called sumatriptan. Ginger can provide pain relief for someone with a migraine or headache, but it can have side effects. You can try brewing tea or taking a supplement. 

Get a Massage

You can do a self-massage and ease a tension headache by massaging your temples, neck, and forehead for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can roll a clean tennis ball along your back and shoulders. To alleviate migraine pain and tension, have someone massage your shoulders and neck.

An alternative to a massage is: have a small calcium-magnesium drink then lie down for 20 minutes with a cool pack on your forehead and a hot pack on your neck..

Manage Stress

Not only can stress trigger migraines, but it can cause a cycle where the pain worsens and triggers another episode. For starters, avoiding stressful situations cand people can be helpful. Find an outlet for you-music, art, writing a letter to a friend, being in the outdoors, etc.. Breathing correctly can reduce muscle tension and stress. According to research, teenage girls who participated in art therapy and mindfulness sessions for three weeks two times per week experienced significantly fewer headaches. 

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