Is No Crack Better

Is it better to have an adjustment with lots of twisting and popping or is a gentle “no crack” method better?

It actually depends on your brain “type”. If your brain type is “under-reactive” then the stronger “old school” adjustments are good for you. If your brain and nervous system is “over-reactive” (the most common type) “chaotic” or “exhausted”, the stronger adjustment will simply put more stress on your already stressed nervous system.


If your brain and nervous system are always on alert, would strong jerking adjustment help or hinder an over-stressed system? Right-it would stress it whereas a gentle adjustment helps calm it.

We use a well-researched adjusting instrument called Impulse. Tony Keller, Ph.D., a professor of mechanical engineering and Orthopedics and Rehabilitation at the University of Vermont states that at the right frequency, more bone movement occurs and more nerve receptors are stimulated during adjustment (a valuable result). The Impulse is 100 times faster than hand adjustments. Dr. Keller helped develop the instrument that we use.

Did you know that after an adjustment your nervous system opens up (sort of like a reboot)? This allows healing to occur and your nervous system to work better. When you receive brain and nervous system treatment from us, we take advantage of that 20 minutes to re-train your nervous system into healthier patterns.

Thorburn Chiropractic Center offers brain and nervous system assessments, comprehensive treatment programs for your brain type and gentle care. Contact us at (818) 841-1313 if you want to find out more. 


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