Work Injury

Thorburn Chiropractic & Wellness Center provides chiropractic care to treat many different types of health problems. One of the health problems we can treat and possibly even prevent is a work injury. Your profession can have a big impact on your body and it doesn’t have to be physical work for that to be true.


There are many different kinds of injuries that you can experience in the workplace. The injuries can be severe, acute injuries from a warehouse accident, or a soft tissue inflammation such as a carpal tunnel. Treatment with medication or surgery alone can lengthen your recovery process or interfere with your ability to perform at work. That’s why chiropractic care is a great option for personal injury treatment.

Chiropractic Care for a Work Injury

Our chiropractor offers treatment options such as spinal manipulation, physiotherapy  and ergonomic help. Chiropractic care promotes faster healing, flexibility, an increase in range of motion, and improves your physical and mental outlook. It even helps you prevent supplementary injuries in the future.

Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can occur in an instant or over a long period of time. Acute muscle and ligament strains occur because of an overstretching of the neck, back or any joint. Even if your job is safe, you may still experience chronic musculoskeletal strain. The following are common work injuries chiropractors treat:

  • Tendonitis: Chronic overuse of the knee, wrist, shoulder, elbow, or other joints causes tendonitis.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: Inflammation of the tissues in the wrist causes compression of the median nerve. This can be attributed to long hours of typing, moving a mouse or even prolonged writing.
  • Pinched nerve: This can occur in the upper or lower extremities causing radiating pain, tingling, and numbness.
  • Back strain or neck strain: Awkward work postures from computer monitors that are too low, or from “text neck” among users of mobile devices.

Diagnosing Work Injuries

If you visit our chiropractor with a specific complaint, our doctor will work with you to discover the root cause of your injury. We will also look at your personal and family medical history for more information.

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